Учебное пособие "Mast ancient civilizations Evrazi and Africas III-II thous. before n. e."


After departure of the domestic science from methodology of the marxismleninism, we sharply need for new methdological landmark. In recently in riverbed the most latest trend modern science clear was marked tumbling to problem, such discipline modern humanitarian-history knowledge, as history anthropology, ethnology, civilization. With these position and is written proposed study. Work can interest the scientist-historian, culturology, teachers and teachers of humanitarian discipline, student humanitarian faculty, schoolboy of the senior classes. The Language of the interpretation of the material of the study so is popularized that book can be available and comprehensible most broad readership, without special preparation even.
Derection of training 44.03.05 Педагогическое образование, profile
«History», gualification – a Bachelor.


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